Elton John Home Run-Dodger Stadium 1975 SHOP COLLECTION Elton John Home Run-Dodger Stadium 1975 SHOP COLLECTION Frank Sinatra I SHOP COLLECTION Audrey Hepburn I SHOP COLLECTION Gold Marilyn SHOP COLLECTION Blondie SHOP COLLECTION Marilyn Monroe-Neon Red SHOP COLLECTION

About David

David Studwell is a contemporary British artist and print maker who studied at Central Saint Martins School of Art. Having worked as an artist for over 20 years, Studwell harnesses the spirit of the sixties and seventies, the cult of celebrity and the legacy of Warhol to produce iconic screen prints.

Studwell is drawn to classic bygone eras such as the golden age of Hollywood and the swinging sixties; he revisits yesteryears cult figures and stars whilst firmly transporting them to the present with washes of retro-colour, adding his own unique modern stamp to each piece.

‘It’s important to preserve a sense of those times, by using diamond dust and retro colours I’m able to echo the glamour of Hollywood and the vibrancy of the sixties.’

As well as the glamour of Hollywood, Studwell is also drawn to the darker side of fame; evident in his extensive range of mugshot prints. He manages to capture these stars at their most vulnerable or most defiant. Private moments of icons at screen tests or during reflection become graphically public, produced in bold and vivid colours.